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"It takes a village to raise a child" - Author unknown

This ancient proverb, possibly of African origin, is true also for John Calvin School students. In Biblical terms, we speak of the body of Christ, and the need for all parts to work together for the benefit of the whole, and to the glory of the Head, Jesus Christ (Romans 12). Strong connections between home, church and school enable us to provide a nurturing environment for each individual to pursue continual growth. It also provides a strong foundation for us to engage effectively with local and global communities. This home-church-school relationship is critical, and we are constantly exploring better ways of establishing, maintaining and strengthening these connections at John Calvin School.

Parent-Teacher Meetings: Bookings

We are now using School Interviews to manage our parent-teacher meeting bookings.
Click on the link to make a booking for the upcoming parent-teacher sessions.>

Connecting with the school:

We encourage people who want to know more about the school to contact us and make an appointment to chat with the Principal, Mr Daniel Coote. Send us a message through the ‘contact’ page on this website. Parents, guardians and association members can stay connected through our weekly newsletter ‘The Connections’, and the regular Board updates in ‘The Calvinist’. If you are an association member and are not receiving electronic copies of these updates, please let the school office know. Parents and guardians can also stay informed through School Star, our communication app available for apple and android devices. See the Parent Handbook or contact the school office for more information. The Assistant Principal, Mr Tim vanWinden, runs the primary Facebook page. This is a closed group for primary parents and guardians only. If you’d like to be added to this group, contact Mr vanWinden.

Connecting with classes:

Giving parents and guardians access to student work and activities is also an important way of staying connected. Classes use a variety of processes for this, including Seesaw for K-2, Class Dojo for 3-6, and Edmodo for 7-10. For access to these applications please contact your child’s class teacher.

Connecting with staff:

All staff are contactable by email, and we welcome regular and open communication with teachers and other staff as appropriate. Contact the school office or view the Parent Handbook for email details. Teachers in particular love touching base with parents informally after school, so please feel welcome to catch up with teachers in this way, or email them to make an appointment to meet more formally.


Should you need any further information please contact the school.

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