Learning @ Home

The COVID-19 global pandemic has required us to adjust the way we do schooling. This has required significant adjustment on the part of the school and families, and a good dose of experimentation and trial and error. We are thankful for the patience and understanding of our school community as we transitioned to a different model of learning.

We have created this page as a central location for useful guides and ideas for learning @ home. The material here will be updated as we go along, and new material will be added as we discover it or develop it. If you have a suggestion for some useful content, please get in touch with the Principal, Mr D Coote @ cooted@jcs.tas.edu.au

NEW! – How home learning will work for JCS.

Coming soon! – Helpful tips for learning @ home

NEW! - COVID-19 safety
  • Covid-19 frequently asked questions
  • Covid-19-know the signs poster
  • Covid-19-stop the spread poster

  • NEW! - Keeping technology use safe
  • Online protection in a digital age

  • Coming soon! – Ideas for extra activities

    NEW! - Getting help


    Should you need any further information please contact the school.

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