FRSA & Board

The John Calvin School, Tasmania, is run by the Free Reformed School Association (Tas) Inc. Membership is restricted to communicant members of one of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.

The Board is the elected, representative executive of the association, which determines major policy and practice in educational, financial and building matters. Its members generally serve three-year terms and are usually eligible for re-election.

The Board reports to the Association at Annual General Meetings and any Special General Meetings, as well as by means of the monthly ‘Calvinist’ newsletter.

The School Principal is responsible to the Board for the day-to-day operation of the School. Where necessary, he represents the Board.

The Board is assisted by a number of standing committees which are directly responsible to the Board. Its members are appointed by the Board:

The Staffing Committee ~ deals with staffing issues and policies.

The Education Committee ~ deals with educational matters and policies.

The OHS/Property Committee ~ deals with the maintenance, safety and improvement of the physical school environment.

Finance Committee ~ deals with all matters financial, in co-operation with the Board Treasurer and the school’s administrator.

The Uniform Committee ~ assists in determining school uniform policies and helping parents to acquire appropriate uniform items.


Should you need any further information please contact the school.

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